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Jadee's New and Improved (Links). Which most of us used to call F-Keys.......

This is going to be a diffrent kind of F-Key. One that all can use.

Some will work on computers, but not all, but all works on webtv/msntv.

I think that getting to know the person behind the scene is important, so I added my picture with some of my family.

I got this layout from Draac. I will credit all who have helped me gather all of these links. At the end of these pages I have a credit page. I hope you enjoy these pages.

I tried to put the best into these pages.

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From left to right: My son, his wife, then me.

Please click on the Index button to continue your journey thru my pages, I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoyed listing them.

These pages were started on:
May 20,2000
Updated: November 24, 2005